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Ferro, Pasqual Joseph Ritter von#

Ferro, Pasqual Joseph, Ritter* von, b. Bonn (Germany), June 5, 1753, d. Vienna, Aug. 21, 1809, physician, lived in Vienna from 1775. was particularly engaged in improving sanitary and health regulations and promoted the introduction of a well-functioning life-saving service and funeral system. In 1780 he first used cold water in medical treatment, later introduced oxygen treatment. In 1799 he carried out the first cowpox inoculation, discovered by Jenner, in Vienna. Was largely responsible for establishing the Federal Museum of Pathology and Anatomy.

Work: Sammlung aller Sanitaetsverordnungen fuer das Erzherzogtum unter der Enns, 2 vols., 1798/1807.


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