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Prefabricated Houses have been manufactured in Austria since the end of the 1940's (with a few exceptions before World War II). Architects such as R. Rainer, O. Niedermoser and O. Peyer developed prefabricated house designs for export. Since the beginning of the 1970's prefabricated houses have been chiefly produced for the domestic market. At the same time the market share for prefabricated houses has grown to over 20 % of the construction of single-family homes in Austria, leading other European countries in this category.

In addition to the traditional wooden composite construction method, prefabricated houses built with concrete or with bricks are also available. The economic advantages of prefabricated houses are year-round production and the possibility of locating production sites in economically disadvantaged regions. The largest companies producing prefabricated houses are Elk, Haas, Hartl, Linzer, Wolf and Zenker.