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Fey, Emil#

b. Vienna, March 23, 1886, d. Vienna (suicide), March 16, 1938, politician (Christian Social Party), officer. 1931 provincial leader of the Vienna home defence force, the "Wiener Heimatschutz" (E. R. Starhemberg's rival), 1932-1933 Staatssekretaer for security matters; from 1933-1935 he was alternately Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Security and of the Interior in the Dollfuss and Schuschnigg governments; substantially involved in inciting and putting down the Uprising of February 1934. It is not clear what his exact role was in the July Putsch of 1934, during which he was in the hands of the putschists in the Federal Chancellery for several hours. Became president of the Danube Steamship Company (DDSG) in 1935. In October 1936 expelled from the Heimwehr (paramilitary force).


F. Oswald, Die Stellung von Major E. F. in der Politik der 1. Republik und des Staendestaates, 1964.