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Fheodoroff, Nikolaus#

b. Villach (Carinthia), Sept. 15, 1931, musician. Studied composition at the Wiener Vienna Musikhochschule (now University of Music and Performing Arts) and at the University of Vienna; from 1964-1991 head of the department of music of the Carinthian provincial studio of the Austrian broadcasting corporation ORF; 1967-1991 director of the ORF chamber orchestra. Highly esteemed for promoting musical life in Carinthia (choir-master of the Carinthian madrigal choir, chairman of the Carinthischer Sommer Festival) and church music. His friendship with J. M. Hauer has substantially influenced his compositions.


Compositions for orchestra and chamber music: 3 twelve-tone compositions, 1968; string quartet, 1971; rhapsody, 1987; concerto for violin, string orchestra and timpani, 1994. - Vocal music: German Mass, 1972; Christmas Mass of Maria Saal, 1984. - Writings.


G. Brosche (ed.), Musikalische Dokumentation N. F., exhibition catalogue, Austrian National Library, Vienna 1997.