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Fickert, Auguste#

b. Vienna, May 25, 1855, d. Maria Enzersdorf (Lower Austria), June 9, 1910, social reformer and feminist. In 1893 founded the leftist General Austrian Association of Women ("Allgemeiner oesterreichischer Frauenverein") ( Women's Movement), and in 1895 the first Austrian institution for the legal protection of women without means. initiated the establishment of the building and housing co-operative "Heimhof" to provide homes for working women and their families. Advocated women's suffrage, successfully called for the creation of professional associations for women and the admission of women to university studies.


"Dokumente der Frauen", monthly publication, ed. by A. F., R. Mayreder and M. Lang.


R. Flich, Der Fall A. F. - Eine Lehrerin macht Schlagzeilen, in: Wr. Geschichtsblaetter 45, 1990.