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Filek-Wittinghausen, Egid Edler von auch E. Witting#

b. Vienna, Jan. 18, 1874, d. Vienna, April 20, 1949, teacher and author. Wrote novels on contemporary subjects, historical novels and novellas. Author of text books and books on hiking, which were very popular. From 1898-1908 editor-in-chief of a magazine for young people, "Gaudeamus".


Mein Fruehling, 1900; Ein Narr des Herzens, 1911; Mimis Versorgung, 1913; Wachtmeister Pummer, 1918; Stadt in Not, 1933; Novellen um Grillparzer, 1948.


M. Reitter, E. F.-W., doctoral thesis, Vienna 1949.