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Film Journals: The spectrum of the numerous film periodicals ranges from general articles to scholarly analyses. The first scholarly film periodicals were the "Kinematographische Rundschau" (1907) and "Der Oesterreichische Komet" (1908). "Das Lichtbild-Theater" and the "Dramagraph-Woche" were published in 1911, followed by "Filmkunst" (Ed. Cinema Eclair) as well as "Kastalia" (for scientific and educational films published by educationists) in 1912. In 1913 "Die Filmwoche" appeared, and "Paimanns Filmlisten", a periodical listing reviews of all films shown in Austria in encyclopedic form, was issued from 1916 - 1965.

In 1918 the periodical "Der Filmbote" appeared. "Die neue Kino-Rundschau", a scholarly film studies journal published by the Austrian government and the Austrian cinemas, was started in 1917. Other film periodicals during the First Republic included "Die Filmwelt" (beginning in 1921, intended for a general audience), "Das Bild im Dienste der Schule und Volksbildung" (beginning in 1924), "Mein Film" (beginning in 1926) and "Tonfilm Theater Tanz" (beginning in 1933).

After World War II, the periodical "Der Film" (ed. W. Forst) began publishing in 1946, in 1946 the "Oesterreichische Film- und Kinozeitung", in 1949 "Die Wiener Filmrevue" and the "Filmkunst" (published by the Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Filmwissenschaft und Filmwirtschaft (Austrian Society for Film Studies and Film Industry). Other publications include "Funk und Film", an Austrian film and radio magazine (since in 1945), as well as the "Filmspiegel". Other magazines, such as "Blimp", "Filmlogbuch", "Multimedia" and "Skytec" have been published since the 1980s.