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Fink, Jodok#

Fink, Jodok, b. Andelsbuch (Vorarlberg), Feb. 19, 1853, d. Andelsbuch (Vorarlberg), July 1, 1929, farmer and Christian Socialist politician, from 1890 member of the Landtag of Vorarlberg (for 30 years), from 1897 member of the body of delegates, 1911 Deputy Landeshauptmann of the Federal Province of Vorarlberg, adviser to K. Lueger and A. Gessmann; during World War I director of the Food Supply Agency; after the disintegration of the monarchy in 1918 one of the three presidents of the provisional National Council and later Councillor of State; 1919/20 Vice-Chancellor during the Renner government, 1920-1929 member of the Nationalrat, from 1922 chairman of the Christian Socialist Group. During the First Republic F. took on a role as a mediator and advocated co-operation between the two major parties, which represented farmers and the middle class on the one hand and the working class on the other hand. Played a leading role in introducing and perfecting universal suffrage and was an opponent of the Vorarlberg unionist movement, which supported a union with Switzerland. In 1925 awarded honorary doctorate of the University of Innsbruck.


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