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Firnberg, Hertha#

b. Vienna, Sept. 18, 1909, d. Vienna, Feb. 14, 1994; economist, sociologist, politician (Austrian Social Democratic Party, SPOe); 1959-1963 member of the Bundesrat; 1959-1970 member of the Austrian delegation to the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, vice-president of the committee on issues concerning refugees and the population, 1967-1981 chairwoman of the Federal Women's Standing Committee of the SPOe, Federal Party Vice-Chairwoman of the SPOe and member of the Party Presidium; member of the Nationalrat from 1963 to June 24, 1970 and from Oct. 19, 1970 to 1983; 1970-1983 Federal Minister of Science and Research. The 1975 university reform was one of the major issues during her term of office ( University Organisation).


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