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Fischbacher Alpen#

Fischbach Alps, Styria, foothills of the Central Alps running from the Mur/Mura River gap to the Semmering pass south of the Muerz valley from southwest to northeast; crystalline low-mountain region, sparsely populated, abundant Alpine pastures and forests. The scenery was described in the stories of P. Rosegger. Elevations: Stuhleck mountain (alt. 1,782 m, highest point of the F. A.), Pretul mountain (alt. 1,656 m), Hochlantsch mountain (alt. 1,720 m, favourite rock-climbing destination for the residents of Graz), Rennfeld mountain (alt. 1 629 m, day-trip destination for the residents of Kapfenberg and Bruck), Stanglalpe mountain (alt. 1 490 m). Magnesite mining in St. Jakob-Breitenau in the southwest. Routes over the Fischbach Alps: Schanz (alt. 1,250 m), Alpsteig (alt. 1,062 m) and Pfaffensattel passes (alt. 1,372 m).