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Fischer von Erlach, Joseph Emanuel#

b. Vienna, Sept. 13, 1693, d. Vienna, June 29, 1742, architect, inventor, mechanical engineer and mining engineer, son of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. Completed some of his father's projects and carried out some major alterations to them at the same time (Karlskirche, 1723-1739; Imperial Library, 1723-1726). Studied architectural styles during his journeys to France, England and Italy in 1713/14, was appointed court architect in 1722 and chief inspector of court buildings in 1725, an office which had already been held by his father, although this decision was strongly opposed by J. L. v. Hildebrandt. In 1729 became councillor of the fiscal authority (Hofkammerrat). He adopted his father's style, but was strongly influenced by French Early Classicism. In 1721/22 he erected the first steam-driven pumping station in Kassel, which was followed by further plants in Schemnitz (now Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia) and in Vienna. Built the winter riding school (1729-1735) in the Vienna Hofburg, but from 1732 gradually lost interest in architecture and started focusing on his technical interests. Many of the buildings once ascribed to him were actually designed by other architects.


Prospekte und Abrisse einiger Gebaeude von Wien (brochures and sketches of several buildings in Vienna), 1713-1719 (collection of works).


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