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Fischhof, Adolf#

Fischhof, Adolf, b. Ofen (Budapest), Dec. 18, 1816, d. Emmersdorf (Carinthia), March 23, 1893, politician, physician and author. It is assumed that his speech about the freedom of the press, which he delivered in the courtyard of the Lower Austrian Landhaus in Vienna, contributed substantially to the outbreak of the March Revolution in Vienna in 1848. Was appointed President of the Vienna Security Committee and was a member of the Reichstag. After the revolution had been put down, F. became an exponent of revolutionary liberalism in his writings. He was of the opinion that the only solution to the "nationality" problem within the Austrian empire was to establish equality among all peoples.


Oesterreich und die Buergschaften seines Bestandes, 1869; Der oesterreichische Sprachzwist, 1888.


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