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Simmental Cattle, most prominent breed of cattle in Austria accounting for 80 % of the entire cattle stock ( cattle breeds). Even by the Middle Ages large skewbald cattle were bred in the Bernese Oberland. From here the "Simmental" cattle were brought to Austria (from 1830) and crossed with the indigenous breeds (white-headed cattle, red dappled cattle, Ennstal dappled mountain cattle, Welser cattle, Innviertler dappled cattle and Pustertal dappled cattle, Oberinntal cattle, Unterinntal cattle, Zillertal cattle), which resulted in the skewbald breed of today. The milk production of these dual-purpose cattle amounts to approximately 5,300 kg/year at 4.2 % fat content and 3.4 % protein. The bulls measure 150-158 cm to the withers and weigh 1,100-1,200 kg; the cows measure 138-142 cm and weigh 630-750 kg. The medium to large-sized animals have patches which are light yellow to dark-brown in colour, and rarely have a single-colour coat (with only a few white patches). The head and lower legs are white; hoofs and horns are a waxy-yellow colour. The muzzle is flesh-coloured. Simmental cattle account for approx. 80% of Austria's suckler cows and nurse cows. Suckler Cows, Keeping of.