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Flora, Paul#

b. Glurns/Glorenza (South Tyrol), June 29, 1922, graphic artist, caricaturist, illustrator. Has lived in Innsbruck since 1928. From 1942-1944 studied at the Academy of Munich under O. Gulbransson. 1945 had his first exhibition in Bern, 1953 published his first book, "Floras Fauna", has worked for numerous newspapers and magazines, 1966 participated in the Biennale in Venice. Has won international recognition for his ironic-sarcastic drawings and his pronounced individual style. His "Werkverzeichnis der illustrierten Buecher" (list of illustrated books, 1992) includes 125 books and 10 portfolios. F. also created stage sets for "Amphytrion" by H. von Kleist (Vienna 1963) and "Der Koenig stirbt" by E. Ionesco (Hamburg 1998).

Further publications: Dies und das, 1997; Nebensachen, 2000.