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Aircraft Production: After the first motorised aircraft was constructed in 1907 by I. Etrich, the first centre for manufacturing aircraft was established in 1909/1910 in Wiener Neustadt ("Etrich-Taube", "Pischof-Autoplan") and F. Porsche built airplane engines in Austria for the Daimler Works. In Vienna "Jacob Lohner & Co." and "Werner & Pfleiderer" began manufacturing airplane engines in 1910. In 1912 the airfield in Vienna-Aspern was built and in 1913 the airplane manufacturing works in Fischamend. Approximately 150 airplanes had been built in Austria by 1914. During World War I aircraft manufacturing in Austria experienced a boom: 11 plants supplied the Austrian military with 3,400 airplanes. Up to World War II only gliders and sporting planes were built in Austria, and since 1945 airplane manufacturing has been limited to these categories. During World War II the Me 109 and the He 162 military planes were manufactured in large numbers in Wiener Neustadt in the Seegrotte near Hinterbruehl.


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