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Foerster, Heinz von#

b. Vienna, Nov. 13, 1911, physicist and philosopher. Studied from 1930 at Vienna's Technische Hochschule (University of Technology). Also developed a strong interest in philosophy, focusing on the ideas of the Vienna Circle. From 1939 dedicated himself to short-wave and plasma research in Berlin, returned to Vienna in 1945 and participated in establishing the Rot-Weiss-Rot radio station, where he headed the science department, and worked in the electrical engineering industry. Taught at the University of Illinois (USA) from 1949 to 1976, from 1951 Professor of Electrical Engineering, and was engaged in in-depth studies of cybernetics.


Observing Systems, 1982; Sicht und Einsicht, 1985; KybernEthik, 1993; Wissen und Gewissen, 1993; Konstruktivismus und Kognitionswissenschaft, 1997; Sicht und Einsicht, 1999.