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Fröhlich, Fritz#

b. Linz (Upper Austria), May 13, 1910, painter. Studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts from 1929-1937. Initially a surrealist, he developed a subtle, cryptic and ironical pictorial language based on simple forms. The Monastery of Wilhering in Upper Austria houses an F. F. museum.


Fresco in the church of the Monastery of Engelszell (Upper Austria), 1956; Das Praesent, 1976.


F. F. Erinnerungen - Reflexionen, Monographie, 1971; R. Bentmann, F. F. Oel-Acryl, Aquarelle, Collagen, Pastelle 1968-1978, 1979 (oil-acrylic, water-colours, collages, pastels).