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Francisco-Carolinum, Museum, founded in 1833 as the "Verein des vaterlaendischen Museums fuer Oesterreich ob der Enns mit Inbegriff des Herzogthums Salzburg" in Linz, today the Upper Austrian Provincial Museum ( Museums, Provincial). The Francisco-Carolinum also derived from the Upper Austrian Provincial Gallery (Oeberoesterreichische Landesgalerie), founded in 1854. In 1895 a building at Museumsstrasse was opened to house both collections and was taken over by the Province of Upper Austria in 1920. Accommodation was created at Linz Castle for the folklore, art and cultural history collections in 1959-1966, while the modern art collection and the library remained at Museumstrasse. The Upper Austrian Provincial Museum has a third location, the biology centre at Linz-Dornbach, opened in 1993, with academic facilities for botany and the zoology of vertebrates and invertebrates. All three locations also stage special exhibitions.


Das Museum Francisco-Carolinum in Linz. Festschrift zum 100. Jahrestag der Eroeffnung am 29. Mai 1895, ed. by the Upper Austrian Provincial Museum in Linz, 1995.