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Frankfurter, Philipp#

Frankfurter, Philipp, d. 1511, Viennese author of comic tales who came from Frankfurt or Regensburg. Around 1470 wrote a very satirical and highly popular farcical story "Des pfaffen geschicht und histori vom Kalenberg" (the story of the priest from the Kalenberg; 2,180 irregular 4-foot rhyming couplets). It was based on a number of anecdotes influenced by Neidhart and had for its subject a priest (Gundacker von Thernberg, around 1330), who had actually lived in the Kahlenbergerdorf village near Vienna. The story was printed in Augsburg in 1473.

Edition: V. Dollmayr, P. F., 1906.


Deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters (lex.)