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Frankl-Hochwart, Ludwig August Ritter von#

b. Chrást (Czech Republic), Feb. 3, 1810, d. Vienna, March 12, 1894, liberally oriented author and physician; father of Lothar Ritter von Frankl-Hochwart. Head of the Vienna Musikverein and professor of aesthetics; board member of the Vienna Jewish Community. From 1842-1848 published the "Sonntagsblaetter", which he had founded. In the framework of the academic legion Akademische Legion he participated in the revolution of 1848 and wrote the first handbill poem which was not censored ("Die Universitaet"). He was a friend of N. Lenau and A. Gruen.


Das Habsburglied, 1832 (collection of ballads); Christophoro Colombo, 1836; Don Juan d'Austria, 1846 (hist. epics). - Biograph. notes on A. Gruen, F. Grillparzer, F. Raimund, N. Lenau, F. Hebbel and F. v. Amerling. - Edition: Gesammelte poetische Werke, 3 vols., 1880.


S. Dollar, Die Sonntagsblaetter von L. A. F., doctoral thesis, Vienna 1932; OeBL.