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Franziskaner, katholische Orden#

Franciscans, various Catholic orders of monks and conventuals who live by the rules of St. Francis of Assisi (1181/82-1226). The Franciscans include the Franciscans (Friars Minor, i.e. Ordo Fratrum Minorum = OFM) in a narrower sense as well as the Minoriten (Friars Minor Conventual) and the Friars Minor Capuchin. The Franciscans' popular approach to the ministry (in particular in cities) and their lay mission has had a great influence on devotional practices (Calvaries, Stations of the Cross, the Christmas crib, pilgrimages).

The "Second" (female) Order of Franciscans (the Poor Clares) first settled in Austria around 1255 at Judenburg. Today numerous centrally organised congregations or single convents of regulars of the Third Order tertiaries (i.e. abiding by Third Rule of St. Francis), including the Poor School Sisters Female Religious Educational Orders of the Third Order of St. Francis, Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis (Daughters of Divine Love), founded in 1868 by F. Lechner), Sisters of the Third Order of Kronburg (founded in 1867), Sisters of the Third Order of Friars Minor Capuchin in Salzburg (founded in 1636) and Sisters of the Third Order in Hallein (1723), Graz-Eggenberg (1843), Voecklabruck (1850) and Vienna (1854). They are dedicated to nursing the sick, caring for orphans and young girls, helping to minister to the congregation, missionary work and running day-care centres and schools.