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Franzisko-josephinische Landesaufnahme#

Francisco-Josephinian Cartographical Register, third cartographical register of the Austrian crownlands, drawn up from 1869 to 1887, named after Emperor Franz Josef I; replaced the Franzian Cartographical Register. The maps were drawn to a scale of 1 : 25,000 ("large-scale maps"); the 752 maps of the special register of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy were modeled after the large-scale maps and drawn to a scale of 1 : 75,000. A general map of Central Europe was drawn to a scale of 1 : 200,000 (comprising 265 sheets) as well as a map of Central Europe to a scale of 1 : 750,000. The Francisco-Josephinian Cartographical Register was replaced by the Fourth Cartographical Register.


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