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Women´s Access to Higher Education: It was not until the 19th century that women were able to pursue university studies on the same footing as men. In 1878 women began attending university lectures as guests, from 1896 their doctoral degrees obtained abroad were recognised in Austria (on the condition that they repeated all final examinations), after 1897 all courses in the field of humanities, and after 1900 medical studies were opened to women. It was not until 1919 that women were granted access to almost all university courses of study. The first woman obtained her doctoral degree in Austria in 1897 (G. Possaner Freiin v. Ehrenthal, Dr. med. univ., Vienna), the first habilitation of a woman was approved in 1907 (Dr. phil. E. Richter, Romance Languages, Vienna). Currently approximately 45 % of the students at Austrian universities and other tertiary-level institutions and 51 % of first-term students are women.