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Friedrich II. der Streitbare#

b. 1210, d. in the battle of the Leitha, June 15, 1246. Son of Duke Leopold VI and Theodora; last Duke of Austria and Styria of the Babenberg dynasty (from 1230); called himself "Herr von Krain" (Master of Carniola) from 1232. Had an unsteady character and was constantly involved in affairs and battles. In 1231 he suppressed an uprising of the ministerials, the imperial household officers ( Kuenringer dynasty), and fought against Bavaria, Bohemia and Hungary. In 1236 outlawed by Emperor Friedrich II on account of his arbitrary rule, but was victorious at Wiener Neustadt. In 1241 successfully fought against the Mongols, who had invaded Hungary. His attempt to make Austria a kingdom failed in 1245 because his niece, Gertrud, refused to marry the Emperor. The construction of castles and the fortification of cities progressed considerably during his reign. Killed in battle against the Hungarians on the Leitha River.


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