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Fries, Moritz Christian Reichsgraf#

Fries, Moritz Christian, Count of the Realm, b. Vienna, May 6, 1777, d. Paris (France), Dec. 26, 1826, wealthy patron of the arts and art collector, banker, son of Count Johann Fries. He increased the art collection of his brother Joseph F. (1765-1788) to more than 300 masterpieces (among other works of Raphael, van Dycke, Rembrandt, Reni and Duerer) and possessed an extensive collection of hand drawings, copperplate engravings, sculptures, coins, minerals and a well-equipped library. Was a friend of L. van Beethoven, who dedicated his 7th symphony to him. Moved to Paris in 1824, after his bank went bankrupt. Served as a model for a character in F. Raimund´s work "Der Verschwender" (The Spendthrift).


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