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Frisch, Anton von#

Frisch, Anton von, b. Vienna, Feb. 16, 1849, d. Vienna, May 24, 1917, urologist. Studied rabies at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, worked as a demonstrator with J. Hyrtl and was assistant to T. Billroth. Became Professor of Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts and Professor at the University of Vienna in 1874, 1889 head of the department of urology at the Poliklinik hospital. In 1882 he discovered the bacillus causing rhinoscleroma and found out that ragsorter's disease and anthrax were one and the same disease. Thanks to his achievements, urology was recognized as an individual field of study at the Vienna Faculty of Medicine.


Handbuch der Urologie, 3 vols., 1904-1906 (together with O. Zuckerkandl).