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Froberger, Johann Jakob#

Froberger, Johann Jakob, b. Stuttgart (Germany), May 18, 1616, d. Hericourt Palace (France), May 6 (or 7), 1667, composer, organist and harpsichordist, pupil of G. Frescobaldi and G. Carissimi, court organist in Vienna (1637, 1641-1645 and 1653-1658); his music had a lasting effect on Viennese piano and organ music until the middle of the 18th century (G. Muffat). He is known as an important exponent of Italian (toccatas, ricercari) and French music (suites).


Esp. compositions for keyboard instruments: 6 prints with toccatas, ricercari and suites (1639-1658), numerous manuscripts. - Edition in: Denkmaeler der Tonkunst in Oe., 3 vols. (IV/1, VI/2, X/2), 1897-1903.


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