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Frohner, Adolf#

b. Gross-Inzersdorf (municipality of Zistersdorf, Lower Austria), March 12, 1934, painter and graphic artist. From 1955 graphic artist in advertising, from 1959 art critic, taught himself painting. At first an exponent of object art and action art (3-day bricking-in event together with H. Nitsch and O. Muehl 1962, publication of the manifesto "Blutorgel"). Later turned to panel painting and focused especially on the female body in his paintings. Since 1972 professor at the Hochschule fuer angewandte Kunst (now University of Applied Arts) in Vienna, from 1985 head of a master class in painting and since 1999 chairman of the Department of Fine Art at this institution. Awarded the Austrian State Prize for graphic arts in 1972.


Der Grossinquisitor, 1963/1964; Das vulgaere Ballett, 1967/1968; Kuenstler und Gesellschaft, Gewalt und Gleichgueltigkeit, mural decoration in the residential complex at Wien-Alt Erlaa, 1977; relief "Europa" (underground station "Westbahnhof", Vienna) 1993.


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