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Frontkämpfervereinigung Deutsch-Österreichs#

Frontkaempfervereinigung Deutsch-Oesterreichs (German-Austrian Association of War Veterans), organisation of front soldiers of the Imperial and Royal (k. u. k.) Army founded in 1920 by H. Hiltl; relatively small paramilitary right-wing association (1933: 2,000-3,000 members), a large percentage were officers; the organisation functioned as an antisemitic, antimarxist and antidemocratic protection unit present at Christian Socialist and National Socialist demonstrations. The organisation became historically significant due to the clashes in Schattendorf in 1927, where two members of the front soldiers' organisation were killed. The perpetrators were brought to trial but were acquitted, which triggered the great demonstration on July 15, 1927 and the burning of the Ministry of Justice building. The Frontkaempfervereinigung Deutsch-Oesterreichs was dissolved in 1935. A portion of its formers members joined the ranks of the then illegal National Socialist Party.


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