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Frueauf, Rueland der Ältere#

b. Salzburg or Obernberg am Inn (Upper Austria), around 1440/1445, d. Passau (Germany), 1507, painter; father of Rueland Frueauf the Younger. Was trained in Salzburg, had a profound knowledge of Dutch painting and was influenced by Conrad Laib's works. From 1470 F. worked in Salzburg and for the Monastery of St Peter. In 1480 granted the freedom of the city of Passau and competed with M. Pacher for an altar for what is now the Franciscan Church (done by Pacher) in 1484. The panels of a large altar which dates from 1490/1491 (from Salzburg cathedral?) are now on exhibit at the Oesterreichische Galerie Belvedere in Vienna. His frescoes in the town hall and the Scheibling Tower in Passau have not been preserved. Unlike M. Pacher, F.'s style was flat and lacked dynamism, but it was monumental and at times imbued with the solemn emotions of the High Renaissance.


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