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Fussach, Vorarlberg, municipality in the district of Bregenz, alt. 398 m, pop. 3,073 (1981: pop. 2,655), area 11.50 km2, situated on the south shore of Lake Constance in the Rhine delta; production of steel structures (e.g. silos) machine-building, embroidery industry, shipyard (Oesterreichische Schiffswerften AG). Formerly Austria's most important port and trading centre on Lake Constance; ever since the Rhine through-cut (1900), silt has been accumulating in the bay; nature and bird life preserve of the Rhine delta. "Fussach" became a political slogan when 20,000 Vorarlberger demonstrated against Minister O. Probst on November 21, 1964 in the shipyard and succeeded in renaming a new ship for Lake Constance "Vorarlberg" instead of "Karl Renner".