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Fuchs, Ernst, geb. 1930#

Fuchs, Ernst, b. Vienna, Feb. 13, 1930, painter, graphic artist and sculptor. From 1946-1950 studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under R.C. Andersen and A. P. Guetersloh, joined the Art Club in 1948 and participated in founding an association of artists known as "Hundsgruppe" in 1950. Together with F. Hundertwasser and A. Rainer became a member of the "Pintorarium" in 1959. Known as one of the principal exponents of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism , F. acquired his drawing and painting skills by analysing works from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. His paintings and graphics, which are masterly and detailed works of art, show strongly religious and mythological symbolism. Around 1978 F. adopted a new style which was characterised by the use of bright colours, a simpler composition of the painting and the depiction of characters of Antique and Germanic mythology (Lohengrin, Icarus, etc.). Some of these figures are depicted in a deliberately exaggerated way.


Kataklysmen, 1946 (12 linocuts); Maibild, 1949 (etching); Einhorn-Zyklus, 1951/52 (etchings); Das Mysterium des Rosenkranzes, 1958-1961 (altar-pieces Wien-Hetzendorf); Samson, 1960-1962 (etchings); Zyklus Esther, 1967 (etchings); Grosse Esther, 1972 (sculpture); Illustrationen zur Kabbala, 1978; Ikarus auf Kothurnen, 1978; Leda und der Schwan, 1979, Der Pfau, 1986; Die Einkleidung der Esther, 1970-1983. - Stage designs (Parsifal/Percival, Lohengrin, Zauberfloete/The Magic Flute, Hoffmanns Erzaehlungen); designs for objects of everyday life (furniture, fabric, jewellery, etc.).


F. ueber F., Bilder und Zeichnungen von 1945-1976, 1977.