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Fugger, Eberhard Friedrich#

b. Salzburg, Jan. 3, 1842, d. Salzburg, Aug. 21, 1919, naturalist. Taught at grammar schools in Stockerau (1864-1870) and Salzburg (1870-1899) and was head of the Salzburg Provincial Museum from 1902. Compiled a catalogue of plants and minerals of the province of Salzburg and explored in particular the province's ice caves ("winter ice theory").


Naturwiss. Studien und Beobachtungen aus Sbg., 1885 (together with C. Kastner); Analyt. Tabellen zur Bestimmung der Sbg. Mineralien, 1887 (together with C. Kastner); Eishoehlen und Windroehren, 3 parts, 1891-1894.