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Funder, Friedrich#

Funder, Friedrich, b. Graz (Styria), Nov. 1, 1872, d. Vienna, May 19, 1959, Catholic publicist, 1896 editor, 1902 editor-in-chief, 1905-1938 editor of a Christian Social daily newspaper in Vienna, the "Reichspost". Belonged to a group of people around Franz Ferdinand, the successor to the throne Franz Ferdinand, and was adviser to the Federal Chancellor I. Seipel. From 1935-1938 he was a member of the State Council and became chairman of the Austrian Society of Journalistic Studies. Arrested on March 13, 1938 and detained in the Dachau concentration camp until Nov. 11, 1939. Later detained in Flossenbuerg, arrested several times during World War Two. In 1945 founded the Catholic weekly newspaper " Furche, Die", which he published until 1959.


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