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Gál, Hans#

b. Brunn am Gebirge (Lower Austria), Aug. 5, 1890, d. Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Oct. 3, 1987, composer and musicologist. 1929-1933 head of the Academy of Music in Mainz, until 1938 conductor in Vienna, then emigrated to England. Taught at Edinburgh University from 1945 and contributed considerably to the development of Edinburgh's musical scene. Awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize in 1957 and the Austrian Decoration for Science and Art in 1981.


Die heilige Ente, 1923 (opera); orchestral and choral works, chamber music, lieder. - Books: The Golden Age of Vienna, 1948; J. Brahms, 1961; R. Wagner, 1963; F. Schubert, 1970.


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