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Göllerich, August#

Goellerich, August, b. Linz (Upper Austria), July 2, 1859 d. Linz, March 16, 1923, conductor and musical author. Student and secretary of F. Liszt; close contact with A. Bruckner, who in later years designated him to write his biography; 1896 conductor of the Linz Musical Association (Musikverein Linz), head of the Schubert Association of Linz (Linzer Schubertbund) and of "Frohsinn"; married to G. Pasthory-Voigt, also a student of Liszt's.


Liszt biography, 1887 (with index of his works); Beethoven, 21904; A. Bruckner, vol. 1, 1922 (completed until 1937 by M. Auer with vols. 2-4).


Anonym, A. G., 1927.