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Goetzis, Vorarlberg, market town in the district of Feldkirch, alt. 448 m, pop. 9,512, area 14.65 km2, industrial and commercial centre town in the Rhine valley. - Office of the regional health insurance, Chamber of Labour library, counselling centre, Norwegian consulate, Patent Archives of the Chamber of Commerce, Educational Centre Sankt Arbogast, sheltered workshop, Kolpinghaus centre, community centre and home for children and adolescents, Islamic Cultural Centre, Neo-Apostolic church, stadium, sportsground, children´s zoo, editorial office of the Vorarlberg edition of the Standard daily newspaper; schools: Bundes-Oberstufenrealgymnasium secondary school, vocational school of domestic science, training institute for teachers of special needs children, adult education centre. In 1991, 56% of the 3,816 people working in Goetzis were employed in the production industries: textile and clothes manufacturing, timber industry, building and construction industry, small-scale production (electroplating works, production of artificial stones, printing works); diverse commercial enterprises; Vorarlberg industrial estate (some 160 SMEs, high-tech products, computer hardware and software, trading and marketing firms; some tourism. - First documented mention around 830, (old) parish church from the late Gothic period (1340, extended in 1590), choir and frescoes from the same period, tabernacle (1597); new (neo-Romanesque) parish church (1862-1865), stained glass windows (1946-1948); subsidiary church Sankt Arbogast (first documentary mention in 1473, consecration: 1721) with panel paintings (1659, depicting the legend of Arbogast), panel ceiling; Neu-Montfort ruin, ancestral seat of the Counts of Montfort (founded 1311-1319), converted during the 15th , 16th and 17th centuries, only the courtyard and parts of the fortification wall are still intact; Sonderberg manor house (since 1584), Jonas-Schloesschen house from the Renaissance period (1584).


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