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Gabriel, Alfons#

Gabriel, Alfons, b. Beroun, Czech Republic (then Beraun), Feb. 4, 1894, d. Vienna, May 28, 1976, geographer and travel writer, physician in the West Indies (Island of Bonaire), expeditions to Iran (1927/28, 1933, 1937) and Afghanistan, 1945-1959 honorary lecturer and later professor at the University of World Trade in Vienna (today's University of Economics and Business Administration), physician in Leobendorf at the same time. He focused especially on historical and geographical aspects and was one of the last explorers who travelled and worked in the traditional way.


Durch Persiens Wuesten, 1935; Weites, wildes Iran, 1940; Die Wuesten der Erde und ihre Erforschung, 1961.