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Gail, Fluss#

Gail, River, Carinthia, western tributary of the River Drau/Drava, 125 km long, source on the northern slope of the Carnic Alps (East Tyrol), flows into the River Drau east of Villach. At Federaun its average flow is 46.3 m3/sec. From the Kartitscher Sattel pass to Luggau the Gail valley is called "Tilliacher Tal", subsequently "Lesachtal", between Koetschach-Mauthen and Hermagor "Obergailtal" and from there "Untergailtal". The whole valley is about 90 km long and stretches from west to east in an almost straight course along a geological fault line. It is bordered (in Carinthia) by the Gailtal Alps to the north and by the Carnic Alps (and Karawanken) to the south. The Pressegger See, a small lake near the Gail river, lies between Hermagor and Goertschach at alt. 560 m. Starting from Koetschach-Mauthen the valley floor broadens and is partly covered with marshes (especially between Goertschach and Gailitz). Settlements can be found on terraced slopes and alluvial cones. There are also more narrow passages in the landscape of the Untergailtal (from Hermagor), such as at the foot of the Villacher Alpe mountain. The valley is accessible by train (Gailtal-Bahn), which leads from Koetschach-Mauthen to Gailitz. Main towns and villages: Koetschach-Mauthen (alt. 705 m), Dellach (alt. 672 m), Hermagor (alt. 602 m) and Vorderberg (alt. 565 m).