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Gail, Hermann#

b. Poeggstall (Lower Austria), Sept. 8, 1939, author of novels and radio plays, poet, publisher. A trained typesetter, he published the autobiographical novel "Gitter" in 1971 and founded a publishing house, the "David Presse", in 1975. While social outsiders are often the main characters in his prose, his poetry focuses on the environment, industry and tourism.

Further works#

Poetry: Exil ohne Jahreszeiten, 1972; Styx, 1989. - Novels: Prater, 1976; Der Loewenruf, 1999. - Narratives and prose: Der Tod der Hure Corinna, 1979; Waldviertel, 1987; Vorbereitungen zum Selbstmord, 1998. - Radio plays.


K. Wagner, Niederoesterreichische Gegenwartsliteratur, 1980.