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Gaismair, Michael#

b. Sterzing/Vipiteno (South Tyrol), 1490, d. Padova (Italy; murdered), April 15, 1532, leader of the Peasants' Revolts in the Tyrol and in Salzburg in 1525/1526. His father owned a mining company. G. was the scribe of the provincial governor and the secretary of the Bishop of Brixen/Bressanone. In May 1525 G. became the leader of the revolt in the South Tyrol, insisted that a diet be held in Innsbruck in June 1525, was incarcerated in August, managed to escape in October and went to the Grisons (Graubuenden). In the Grisons formulated a Tyrolean "Landesordnung", (= legislation, legal source), which called for a complete restructuring of the political system and the establishment of a republic. In spring 1526 set out for Salzburg with his troops, but was defeated near Radstadt. Escaped with many of his followers over the Hohe Tauern mountain range to Lienz, invaded the Puster Valley, and reached the area around Venice. On April 15, 1532 he was assassinated by former friends in Padua. He was the sole leader of the peasant revolt who strategically pursued political goals.


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