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Gall, Joseph Anton#

Gall, Joseph Anton, b. Weilderstadt (Germany), March 27, 1748, d. Linz (Upper Austria), June 18, 1807, priest and educationalist; 1774-1779 catechist at the "Normalschule" in Vienna (a type of school which along with reading, writing, arithmetic, focused on practical subjects, such as the training of teachers). As J. I. von Felbiger's successor and as the chief principal of the "Deutsche Schulen" (whose curriculum was adapted to the needs of those who worked in the field of trade and commerce), he introduced the "Socratic method" in the 1780s (method of questioning by means of which pupils´ intelligence is stimulated to a greater extent than their memory). Became Bishop of Linz in 1788 and was known as a faithful supporter of the reforms introduced by Joseph II.


Sokrates unter den Christen in der Person eines Dorfpfarrers, 1783; Anleitung zur Kenntnis und Verehrung Gottes fuer Kinder auf dem Lande, 1793.