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Gallizien, Carinthia, municipality in the district of Voelkermarkt, alt. 436 m, pop. 1,745, area 46.70 km2, situated in Drau valley (Rosen valley) at the foot of Hochobir mountain (alt. 2,139 m). - Annabruecke run-of-river station (built in 1981; 202,500 MWh) owned by the Oesterreichische Draukraftwerke AG, Freibach storage power station (built in 1958; 36,000 MWh) of the Kaerntner Elektrizitaets AG (KELAG); wood working industry, manufacturer of frames and mattresses, production of beehives. - First documented mention 1123 ("Gestidorf"), adoption of the present name (first mentioned 1430) after the transfer of relics from the pilgrimage village Santiago de Compostela in the Spanish province Galicia. Gothic parish church with Romanesque tower; close to Wildenstein waterfalls.