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Gallmeyer, Josefine geborene Tomaselli#

b. Leipzig (Germany), Feb. 27, 1838, d. Vienna, Feb. 3, 1884, actress, soubrette, singer of folk songs, dancer, author ("the female Nestroy"). As a child she acted in Brno and later toured Hungary with a theatre company. Under the direction of J. Nestroy she came to the Carltheater in Vienna in 1857. From 1860-1862 worked in Temesvár under F. Strampfer, with whom she came to the Theater an der Wien in 1862. From 1865 acted again at the Carltheater, where she became the most popular singer and actress at the popular stages of Vienna of her time. In 1872 was called to the Theater unter den Tuchlauben, which had been founded by Strampfer, and took over the management of the theatre in 1874. Went on tour in Germany and America in 1882/83. Although very wealthy at times, almost her entire fortune had been lost by the time of her death.


Novellas: Aus is´, Die Schwestern, 1882. -Dramas: Aus purem Hass, 1883; Sarah und Bernhard, 1884 (parody).


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