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Gallus, Jacobus Handl, Händl, Hähnel, eigentlich Petelin#

b. Ribnica, Slovenia (then Reifnitz), 1550, d. Prague (Czech Republic), July 18, 1591, composer of sacred music. Arrived in Austria in 1564 or 1566 at the Cistercian monastery in Melk, based in Vienna from 1568, member of the Viennese Imperial Court Chapel in 1574/75, and choirmaster to the Bishop of Olmuetz (Olomouc) in Bohemia from 1579-1585. His work, mostly sacred music, reflects Dutch and Venetian traditions and can be seen as exemplifying the "Age of Dutch Music".


masses (4 books); motets (Opus Musicum, 4 vols.); passions. - Secular music: Moralia, Harmoniae morales (3 books). - Edition: Denkmaeler der Tonkunst in Oe., vols. 30, 40, 48, 51/52 and 78, 1959/1960.


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