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Garstenauer, Gerhard#

b. Fusch an der Grossglocknerstrasse (Salzburg), Jan. 22, 1925, architect. Studied at the University of Technology in Vienna with S. Theiss; from 1954 office in Salzburg; 1973-1978 lecturer at the University of Innsbruck. Examination of alpine tourism in the Gastein valley from the perspective of modernism, general analysis of a region. Buildings with strong topographical links (swimming pool in Bad Gastein 1967/1968, Congress Centre Bad Gastein 1968-1974, ski lift stations Sportgastein 1970-1971, solar-powered swimming-baths in Dorfgastein 1976-1978).

Further works#

OeFAG building in Salzburg, 1958; Mercedes-Benz building in Salzburg, 1972-1974.