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Gassmann, Florian#

b. Most, Czech Republic (then Bruex), May 3, 1729, d. Vienna, Jan. 20, 1774, composer at the changeover from Baroque to Viennese classics. Long stays in Italy, from 1763 composer of ballet music in Vienna (successor to C. W. Gluck), musical director at the Vienna Imperial Court in 1772; teacher of A. Salieri, whom he had brought to Vienna from Venice, founder of the Composers' Society (Tonkuenstlersozietaet) in 1772.


22 operas, Oratorium "La Betulia liberata" (written in 1772 for the première of the Tonkuenstlersozietaet), 33 symphonies, cantatas, chamber and sacred music. - Edition: Denkmaeler der Tonkunst in Oesterreich, vols. 42-44, 83, 1960.