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Gauermann, Jakob#

b. Oeffingen (Germany), Sept. 3, 1773, d. Vienna, March 27, 1843, painter of landscapes and genre scenes, father and teacher of Carl Gauermann and Friedrich Gauermann. Worked in Vienna from 1798-1803 after which he started spending the summers in Miesenbach (Lower Austria), travelled through the Tyrol with M. v. Molitor in 1802, commissioned by A. L., Count Delaborde to illustrate the 3-vol. work "Voyages pittoresques en Autriche" (1821/22). From 1811 commissioned by Archduke Johann, appointed Kammermaler* in 1818.

Literature E. Marko, J. G. (1773-1843), doctoral thesis, Graz 1980; C. Steinle (ed.), J. G., exhibition guide, Joanneum, Graz 1981.