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Gemeindebund, Österreichischer#

Association of Austrian Municipalities (Oesterreichischer Gemeindebund), founded in 1947, voluntary association of the Austrian municipalities on the basis of the right of association; representative of the interests of the municipalities embodied in constitutional law by the amendment to the Bundesverfassungsgesetz 1988 (Federal Constitutional law) (the same holds true for the body representing the interests of the towns, Austrian Association of Cities and Towns). In this function the Association of Municipalities is involved in the evaluation of bills and decrees drafted by the Federal government, the provinces and the municipalities and participates in the negotiations on revenue sharing. The Association of Municipalities closely co-operates with the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns and the co-ordination centre for the provinces (Verbindungsstelle der Bundeslaender) established at the seat of the Lower Austrian government. The Association of Municipalities also forms part of the Austrian Conference on Regional Planning ( OeROK).