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Generals, Military Rank: The term "the Generals" refers to the body of highest-ranking officers, which has different categories: in the Imperial Army (until 1918): Feldmarschall (field marshal), Generaloberst (Colonel-General), Feldmarschalleutnant (Major-General), Generalmajor (previously "Generalfeldwachtmeister" - Major-General) and Feldzeugmeister (until 1908, subsequently General of the Infantry, of the Artillery etc.). The Armed Forces of the 1st Republic had two generals of the infantry (Inspector of the Army and head of the Section I of the Federal Ministry for the Army), lieutenants-general and majors-general (of whom 6 commanders of brigades). The generals of the Armed Forces of the 2nd Republic comprise generals, corps commanders and two-star generals as well as brigadiers-general.